Investment Property Checklist

READY TO SELL YOUR INVESTMENT PROPERTY? FOLLOW OUR 4 HANDY HINTS! Have you just purchased an Investment Property? Perhaps even thinking of renting out your home. Here is a great checklist put together by the Realty8 team. They are sure to go a long way to attract quality tenants and increase your yield in the […]

6 Tips for First Home Buyers in Brisbane

6 TOP TIPS FOR FIRST HOME BUYERS IN BRISBANE Most First Home Buyers are pretty nervous in venturing out to a substantial financial commitment, but with the right real estate agent at their side who can provide you with honest advice – you would find the process less daunting. Your real estate agent in Wishart […]

Six Tips for Choosing a Standout Property Manager

SIX TIPS FOR CHOOSING A STANDOUT PROPERTY MANAGER One of Realty8’s favourite Google reviews from a valued client says, “Royden swept in like a cool breeze, taking care of everything”. Like a refreshing change on a hot summer’s day, a top-notch property manager will breeze in and swiftly rejuvenate your prize rental property. You might have had […]

Ready to Sell Your Investment Property?

READY TO SELL YOUR INVESTMENT PROPERTY? FOLLOW OUR 4 HANDY HINTS! At Realty8, our business is looking after landlords so they can get on with the other important parts of their lives. And while we specialise in property management, our valued clients often seek our help in selling their properties. Because we develop a great […]

Property Styling: Does it Add Value?

PROPERTY STYLING: DOES IT ADD VALUE? Like butler’s pantries and outdoor kitchens, the concept of property styling has moved from high-end to within every homeowner’s reach. A few years ago, only vendors of luxury Brisbane homes would have hired professional stylists to boost a residence with upscale furniture and designer accessories before it hit the […]

The Pros and Cons of Managing Your own Investment Property

Managing your own investment property? It’s something every landlord thinks about, but is it a realistic option? Let’s work through some of the pros and cons! PRO: YOU’LL SAVE MONEY ON FEES AND REPAIRS You’ve dropped your hard-earned savings on a significant asset, so you want to hang on to whatever is left. By managing […]