At Realty8, our business is looking after landlords so they can get on with the other important parts of their lives. And while we specialise in property management, our valued clients often seek our help in selling their properties.

Because we develop a great rapport with customers from Mansfield to Mount Gravatt, it’s always a pleasure to support them on the next step in their real estate journey.

As one client said, Realty8 provide “valid and good advice on how to help improve properties”. So if you’re thinking about selling, don’t hesitate to call us for a friendly chat about how we can assist.

Let’s look at FOUR HANDY HINTS on preparing your Brisbane investment property for sale.


So you’ve decided to go to market. Now think ahead to your first open home. What first impression will your property make as potential buyers drive up to the front yard?

Does it have “street appeal”, or will buyers be tempted to zoom straight past?

In Brisbane, our beautiful climate means we spend a lot of time outdoors. Your new homeowners will value a tidy, welcoming front yard, and a backyard well-equipped for entertainment and relaxation.

And while you don’t want to over-capitalise, did you know that even modest expenditure on landscaping can add significantly to the value to your property?

With that kind of return on investment, it’s worth a chat with your local real estate agent about options to enhance your outdoor spaces. They’ll be able to recommend a professional garden guru, or give you guidance on improving your property with:

  • Backyard features such as a deck, pergola or patio
  • Additional landscaping and planting
  • Paving, trimming and hedging.


Our second hint is moving beyond “street appeal” to the moment your buyer opens the door. Will they see the potential of your residence to suit their own lifestyle and aspirations?

This depends on who your likely buyers are. The key here is to understand the market for your property, which is where your trusted local real estate agent steps in.

Is the residence a “renovator’s delight” in one of Brisbane’s up-and-coming suburbs? If so, you might end up selling to first home owners gaining a foothold in a trendy area. They might be looking for a blank canvas to stamp with their own vision and style, but will still need functional fixtures.

Alternately, did you purchase in a known investment hotspot and are you looking to on‑sell to another investor? In that case, you are selling to a party who wants a turn‑key home that tenants can move into straight away, so you might need to make a few minor repairs.

No matter what the scenario, your agent will guide you on how to tailor your property to its likely buyer demographic.

Examples of minor refurbishments that can bring your property up to date and enhance its value include:

  • Removing old carpets and replacing them with long-wearing tiles or other flooring.
  • Updating older fixtures to create a fresh contemporary look (think door handles, cupboard handles, kitchen and bathroom tapware).
  • Adding a lick of paint or touch of plastering where needed.
  • Replacing old lightbulbs with energy-efficient alternatives.
  • Swapping older door locks with digital smart locks.



After any cosmetic improvements are finalised, it’s time to think about how to present your property to prospective buyers.

Before showcasing your residence at open homes and on your agent’s website and social media pages, the next big task to tackle is cleaning.

We hear you sigh, and feel your pain. But most Australians clean their homes at least once a week. There are minimum standards to meet!

A deep clean of your residence will lead to deeper pockets for your buyers. Again, your agent can suggest a trusted cleaning professional for an impeccable result.

On the other hand, if you’re happy to roll your sleeves up, the best places to start are high traffic zones like the bathroom and kitchen. In homes that have been rented for a long time, some common issues are stubborn stains and mould removal.

Realty8 aims to pre-empt these through our regular, systematic rental inspections.  In fact, all our tenants are provided with our Routine Inspection Checklist which sets the expectations right at the onset of a new tenancy.



Just like cleaning, decluttering is one of those jobs that not everyone enjoys. As a wise person once said of housework, “people only notice it when you don’t do it”.

However, clearing clutter away before your property is inspected is essential. A buyer looking for a home will want to imagine their furniture and valuables within the space. If possessions are too visible, it can distract buyers and limit their ability to see the potential of the residence.

Worse, if living areas and bedrooms are crammed with collectibles it might imply there is a lack of available storage.

As a landlord you, or your property manager, can encourage your tenants to declutter. Photos, personal items and toys should be stored during inspections.

This “less is more” philosophy also applies to the garden. As well as landscaping, consider hiring a contractor for a thorough clean-up of the front and backyard. Any garden will look better once debris has been cleared out, leaves raked, and tree branches trimmed.



These are just four of the many ways you can prepare your investment property for sale. Your local real estate agent will give you further insights how you can maximise its value. Contact the helpful team at Realty8 to discuss your unique situation and solutions that work for you!

Royden Juriansz

Royden is the principal and founder of Realty8. He is a Fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA) and holds a Business degree from the Queensland University of Technology. Royden is an avid reader and is a keen hobby photographer. However, his real passion is Real Estate and Property Management in particular.