Have you just purchased an Investment Property? Perhaps even thinking of renting out your home. Here is a great checklist put together by the Realty8 team. They are sure to go a long way to attract quality tenants and increase your yield in the long term.

  1. Check that all appliances in the kitchen are clean and in good working order.
  2. Check all aircons and fans. Ensure that aircons are serviced annually. Replace remote batteries.
  3. Check garage doors and remotes – replace batteries.
  4. Turn on all taps, check for leaks and that water pressure is good.
  5. Check walls, ceilings and floors for mold, mildew, stains or cracks.
  6. Steam clean carpets, mop tiles and wipe down any areas which may be need attention.
  7. Check all doors and windows to ensure that they can be opened and closed easily.
  8. Clean all window and door tracks. Vacuum and dust blinds and curtains.
  9. Check all locks and ensure that keys are available for all lockable doors and windows.
  10. Check all security doors and screens, including fly mesh.
  11. Check all lights and power points to ensure that they are working.
  12. Pressure wash all paved areas and decks.
  13. Ensure that all garden beds are neat, tidy and free of weeds.
  14. Ensure that the lawn is mowed and hedges are trimmed.

Royden Juriansz

Royden is the principal and founder of Realty8. He is a Fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA) and holds a Business degree from the Queensland University of Technology. Royden is an avid reader and is a keen hobby photographer. However, his real passion is Real Estate and Property Management in particular.